Recommended Books

The Exile: A Devoted Son’s Spiritual Journey, by L. Arik Greenberg


As a college professor, Dr. Arik Greenberg had studied religion all his life, earning advanced academic degrees in his field. But none of this would sufficiently prepare him for his true spiritual journey. In The Exile, the first book of a trilogy, his challenge would be to rescue the family home from his mother’s deadly compulsive hoarding, and to protect his parents from their mental illnesses, borne out of a family legacy of abuse. His journey would lead him from a simple, trusting, ingenuous faith—through stages of doubt, anger, and Job-like questioning—and ultimately to a more complex and nuanced relationship with the Divine.

The first book in the Exile Trilogy.  Published by Enlightened Religion Press, 2023.



“My Share of God’s Reward” by L. Arik Greenberg


Exploring early Christian martyrdom, personal immortality and function of anticipated reward for a martyr’s death. Greenberg discusses the diverse conceptions of the afterlife, the ignored theological diversity and the experimental spirit prevalent in both early Christianity and late Second Temple Judaism. He also incorporates a unique definition of martyrdom that recognizes the genealogical and developmental connections between Christian martyrdom and its antecedents.

Roles and formulations of the afterlife in early Christian Martydom.

Recommended: “Love Poems” by Yasher Koach


The Greeks had at least three words to describe the several forms of love: philos, eros, and agape. This book contains poems the describe, circumscribe, and celebrate all forms of love. 

A book of poems about Love, in its myriad forms and permutations, written from 1990-2019.

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